Title I – Reading Assistance Program

Collegium Charter School, in accordance with the Department of Federal Programs, provides Title I Reading Assistance to eligible students. All students in grades one through five are screened based on universal criteria. These criteria include the student’s reading grade, proficiency on standardized assessments, teacher recommendation, and attendance. All Title I teachers are highly qualified. Title I Reading Assistance consists of both pull-out small group instruction and push-in instruction within the general education classroom.

There will be parent information/involvement meetings and monthly CCS Board of Trustees meetings during the school year for parents who are interested in learning more about the Title I program and participating in parent involvement activities. Dates and times are included in the weekly CCS Newsletter and posted on the CCS website.

Title I Program Parent Involvement Policy

In compliance with federal law, Collegium Charter School and parents/guardians of students participating in the Title I program shall jointly develop and agree on the written parental involvement policy. This policy was created to foster parent participation in the development and participation of our school’s programs. We recognize the instrumental role our parents and staff play in creating a supportive learning environment.

If you have questions regarding the Title I – Reading Assistance Program, please contact a Title 1 Reading Specialist listed below.

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